So, a new album is coming our way this May, which is very good news. The first I’d like to know about it is the changes in personnel. Did the line-up remain the same since “The Bat”?

In fact, the release has been moved to April 13th. For “The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere” we were only three guys in studio, which means that Lucas played bass, Fredo the drums and I recorded all the guitars. When we began to play shows again we had a live guitar-player for 2 years. For “Silk Spiders Underwater…” it was the same three guys recording again. Just since a short timeTobi is playing the second guitar who counts as a full member now.

I may sound totally wrong, but, for me, “The Bat, The Wheel And The Long Road To Nowhere” marked a transitory period in Zatokrev sound-wise. It was your first record in six years and it was the first without Silvio and Marco, so “The Bat” was a sort of a new beginning where you’re still thriving for stability. Is “Silk Spiders Underwater” the ultimate consolidation of Zatokrev’s new era?

I would say that those two albums definitely have different characteristics. Many ideas on “The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere” came from the era with Silvio and Marco. All song ideas on the new album are all completely coming fromLucas, Fredo and me.

You’ve been playing a pretty good number of gigs, which probably helped you as a band to achieve a good level of cohesion. Did you feel that when you hit the studio to record the new album?

It definitely helped us. We certainly all made a progress since “The Bat…”. Anyway, especially a few of the new songs were very challenging, because we tried a lot of new and different kinds of songwriting, dynamics and many parts with a delay effect etc., so we had to prepare ourselves well before hitting the studio.

I particularly admire your resilience, since you didn’t Zatokrev crumbled down into nothingness. You rebuilt this band, which is something that takes persistence – I can imagine that it’s not easy to find around you people who enjoy and actually knows how to play this kind of music –, which proves that Zatokrev means a lot to you. Is it something that you really want to keep in your life?

By the time when my past band members left, who were and still are close friends, I didn’t know what to do first. We were kind of a dream team for years. As you say, it’s tough to find the right guys to share a practicing room and many stages and who agree with my vision of sound and songwriting. I knew nothing is forever, but I also felt that Zatokrev is not over yet. There was still that fire inside to move on. Luckily I found a new drummer pretty soon. Fredo used to be our live engineer before I asked him to get over to the rehearsal room to jam a bit. We immediately felt comfortable to play together so that was good. He agreed to rebuild Zatokrev with and we pretty much arranged the whole “The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere” record, before we found our bassistLucas. I met him at a campfire. I remember he was playingJohnny Cash songs and I felt that this guy has soul. Zatokrev for me is pretty much a therapy. I see it as a metaphor to life that makes me feel my real being and my future. One day this band will be over because, I will have to let go something else, but this is not happening now yet.

So, yeah, cliché question: what was it like to record the new LP? Did you record it again in Genève with Serge Morattel? Was the process actually the very same or was there any nuances you might want to underline?

The process was pretty much the same. We recorded live without click to make it sound as organic as possible. The cooperation withSerge is absolutely excellent, the same with Raphaël Bovey who did the mix & mastering. Why changing a team that works perfectly together? We all knew what we had to do better on the new recordings. It matches just perfect and I don’t say that as a cliché answer.

You’re obviously very careful with the lyrics and the story which evolves throughout a record. Can you give us a synopsis of what “Silk Spiders Underwater” is about story-wise?

Yes, lyrics and stories mean a lot to me. This is also one of the most challenging parts on creating our songs. “Silk Spiders Underwater…” and the album that will follow after that will be both about fear, insights and changes. In the previous album, the bat symbolized the inner voice. On the cover from the new album, you see a bat captured in a spider web underwater. So if you look at it, it’s an inner voice captured by fear underwater. Silk Spiders can’t breathe underwater.. so in fact what we see is a strong fear that can’t breathe. To understand the fear it needs to breathe… but the breathing part is gonna take place more in the next album. “Silk Spiders Underwater…” is about fear with a direction to changes and insights, getting somehow the strength together and feeling the spark that will lead you to your own truth. It would take too much time to describe it all to the detail, but I think that gives at least a superficial idea of what this album is about.

For those interested in buying the new record, especially the vinyl, did you prepare something special in the artwork? You’ll release a double LP, I’ve heard.

Can’t really say something about that. We’re still in discussion how to manage a few things, but yeah there’s gonna be a 2LP and we do our best to make it look great.

Zatokrev is about to get back on the road and you’ll play the «Silk Spiders Underwater…» release party as the first gig of the upcoming European tour. You’ll be back in Portugal of course, and I picture Zatokrev will play new stuff for those in Barroselas Metalfest, right?

Absolutely. We can’t wait to play the new songs and to play again, finally, after many years, at the fantastic SWR Fest.