Wrekmeister Harmonies - "Night Of Your Ascension"
8.5Thrill Jockey

J.R Robinson envision is glittering. Operating as a maestro, a sagacious directeur de théâtre, he substantiates all the beauty of Béla Tarr‘s black-and-white cinematography with pan-genre, wide-ranged, mournful compositions. The formula used in “Night Of Your Ascension” is similar to the one found in previous records – it all begins with a terrene physicalization of heaven, as if Mihály Vig happened to be in the exact same room of Arvö Part to materialize the transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor, a placid contemplation of a miracle embodied in a women’s choir. What happens next could very well portray all the chapters between Gethsemane and Golgotha, the story of an ascension bathed in blood, spit and pain – thunderous riffs, drone-inspired, percolating all of his torn flesh until the very end with howling screams. It is tragic and the tragedian sensation is what Wrekmeister Harmonies better invokes, thanks to a multitude of invitees: The BodyAlex HackeMarissa NadlerMark SolotroffBruce LamontDylan O’TooleOlivia BlockChris BrokawJaime Fennelly or Cooper Cain. EP