Three figures. 12 strings. 1 drumkit. On stage, their faces can hardly be distinguished due to the thick fog. Even though their mastery is undeniable, their identity must remain a mystery.Wiegedood is the Dutch word for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Is there a need for further information at this moment? I don’t think so.

It’s pretty obvious that they play some kind of black metal but I would prefer to focus on the emotions felt when listening to this record. Even before its audition, you realise that it intends to deliver more than music. A glimpse at the artwork will give you a proof for that. You see a desolated landscape, ravaged by the furious wind, as well as a cross. I wish I could tell more about its symbology. The gloomy sky is threatening and yet, there’s some kind of purity and innocence associated with this photograph. Stefaan Temmerman did a great job, as usual! The opening track is sharp and pervasive. It starts bluntly in the midst of the storm. The vocals are raw and primitive. Nothing is pretentious about this band. They are beautiful, without being polished or fake. Actually, the first time I listened to this track I was thinking – will this blast beat end or…? I believe that when a band lacks a wide variety of intensities everything becomes dull. But that’s not the case. Yes, the blast beats, in general, last for a long time. However, “Svanesang” becomes a quiet and eerie guitar melody, all of a sudden! I think I can only compare that kind of beauty to a naked human body. Nothing is more honest and bare than that. There’s a kind of informality and truth to this melody that gives me the shivers.

In general, the tracks are brutal, they take you by the throat and make you feel choked. The drum patterns are absolutely insane. I don’t know how Wim Sreppoc deals with it, seriously. The same goes for Levy and Gilles. Their wrists must fall apart after a show. At the same time, there’s a special atmosphere achieved in every track – a sort of epicness. That’s why this album is digestible, otherwise it would only be intense, possessive and hence boring.De Doden Hebben Het Goedachieves its climax with the track named after it. By that time, there’s no turning back. You can’t stop the downfall, you need to hear the whole album. It’s a crime if you stop it. When the vocals kick in, fuck, it’s so overpowering! It’s as if they grabbed a convex lens to concentrate all the sun rays and transferred it directly to your heart. Yes, they belong to the Church Of Ra. Obviously.

The album finishes with its best track, in my very personal opinion. It way it ends… That final melody… It’s completely unbelievable. It’s so vivid, it’s so perfect. Really! And I hardly use these words. Ever.Wiegedood is an experience, period. I shall end this review translating an excerpt of the final Russian words – suffered in life // you will be gifted with death.