Not a Godflesh new album, no, but I’m presuming here that you are not going to act all fancy and shit when meeting a motherfuckin’ new record from these Like Rats blokes. I mean… They’ve always been a reliable source of punk hatred when signed to A389 and I’m guessing the American will not suddenly become a Marvin Gaye cover band anyway, so… Yes, Papa Anderson turned them into Southern Lord alumni and there’s a new full-length coming out on March 25. Keep in mind a thing: this gang has a couple of individuals who are well-known in the scene for thrashing people’s faces when playing with Weekend Nachos – a band that, by the way, will sadly put an end to its career of loathing and powerviolence.

Then again, turn your heads to Like Rats, cause those 33 minutes of brutality are coming to you like a vulture. SOON.

II Track Listing:
1. From Beyond
2. Primordial
3. Gates
4. Pandemic Of Fear
5. Dissociate
6. Evil Winter
7. Immortal Coil
8. Grief Incarnate