“The government and the big business have a pact. Millions and millions of dollars are pulled together every together to give to inventors and scientists to create new technologies. These technologies are used to beef up and are beefing up U.S. military to set up, imposing ‘democracy’ upon the world. It’s used to create missiles that are much more efficient, that can kill children within a 10-foot radius half way across the world. It’s also used by businesses to create more efficient and convenient lighter products for us to so happily consume. And then what happens is that these very same technologies are repackaged and sold to us – pacifiers in the form of the internet and computers and guitar amps. And all these other material things that are supposed to make us happy. But these are distractions, these are illusions from the fact that these technologies were created for the government, for the military and for big business. So, as a subculture, I feel that is our duty to think about the impact that these technologies have in our society, our culture, our community and our lives. Enters the digital age; to resist the coming walking machines.

Are you watching Big Brother? Is Big Brother watching you? Or are you watching Big Brother?”

Todd Burdette, 1999