Vanum - "Realm Of Sacrifice"
8.5Profound Lore

Not often you have the chance to savor what some might call absolute blackness. “Realm Of Sacrifice” cannot work as an initiation for anything at all, as a result of its bodyhood of austereness. No extrapolation needed as well whatsoever when stating that Vanum, albeit not using complexity as a resource, exhales a hermetic state of being, absorbed in its own narrative, in its own thoughts of what can be a processed philosophy written by tremolo picking’s Magna Carta. Beyond embodying the contours of a redundant footnote in today’s underground extreme music, Vanum presents itself self-consistently, genuinely ascetic and categorically aware of both melody and heaviness. “Realm Of Sacrifice” knows when to ensconce and when to deploy the primeval forces of the atmospheric realm. The kind of beautiful that linguists might find strenuous to define but the one that Kyle Morgan (Ash Borer) and Michael Rekevics (Fell Voices) embody admirably.