Album: Ebony Tower
Release date
: Winter 2018
Label: Terratvr Possessions
: Norway

“The Ebony Tower represents the very keep of the creative genius, a citadel of withdrawal and introspectional pursuit. That obscure and remote, yet inexplicably familiar place to which one may seek to retreat in times of excessive creativity. Therein, beyond the veil of night and the light of day alike, lies the unspoiled treasures of the subconscious; the fathomless well of midnight waters from which springs the gushing fountains of the dark quintessential aether that serves as our source of inspiration. And verily, no light of guidance will suffice in this dark and sombre place, and one may never truly predict what to find when stirring beneath its surface.

Furthermore, the Ebony Tower embodies the culmination of our Black Art, the very epitome of the cult as we reckon it.

LP/MC/CD coming winter 2018, released by Terratur Possessions exclusively.”