Isn’t it good when your heart have such a soft spot for a label? To the point of trusting it more than it trusts friends & family? That’s our thing with Thrill Jockey people – all these years of bright prolificacy granted them a haven of reliableness. You keep coming back to check what they have been putting out lately, sometimes stepping into unknown territory, others just cheering in relief to see that that band is still right there doing their thing. Very seldom you ended up being disappointed with Thrill Jockey glaring envision, still throbbing in Chicago’s event horizon to seek the unexpected.

The year of 2015 was a fruitful one for them. And since our plan here is not to be utterly exhaustive, let’s get down to the records which we regard the most. Above all, “Night Of Your Ascension” by Wrekmeister Harmonies, an orchestration of chaos and beauty, Babylonic in its intentions to cover life-and-death’s limitless spectrum. Is it ordinary to find a record that would fit brilliantly both a church, a graveyard or any European old theatre? No, it is isn’t, but that’s how J.R. Robinson rolls, gathering the most thriving American minds to help him materialize a nightmarish dream. One of our LPs of the year, period.

There are others which made us stale in uncanniness. Jan St. Werner, for example, whom in “Miscontinuum” did a top-notch job with electronic possibilities. Or what about Colleen and her lovely yet doleful cello? An obvious shout out to Lightning Bolt‘s stunning comeback with “Fantasy Empire” as well, and Liturgy proved yet again they can be insanely schismatic, mind-boggling, conducting the listener to absolute despise or eternal love – it happened with us as well; one of our writers ranked “The Ark Work” as a masterpiece, while others mockingly laughed at it.

You realize how good Thrill Jockey really is when you already wrote about 300 hundred words and didn’t even mentioned “In Plain Speech” of Circuit des Yeux. Another unsettling studio effort nurtured by the hands of Haley Fohr, who’s been deserving a wider recognizance for a long time, as it happens with the likes of Thou and The Body – quite probably the most challenging, inventful heavy bands that you can find these days in America. Both collaborated together for “Released From Love” and “You, Whom I’ve Always Hated“, two obligatory EPs if you are in need of good spinecrushing noise.

And you still have Eternal TapestryGolden VoidWhite HillsPeople Of The North or Holy Sons… Talk about a good label, eh?