A fucked up soundtrack for fucked up times. Weren’t for the actions of some machine gun yielding dipshits, we’d have spent Friday 13 celebrating three collaborations. First, the Portuguese left got their shit temporarily together to democratically overthrow our previous government of austerity lover boys and conservatives, all while the much anticipated “NV” and this “The Body & Krieg” were being streamed to the world and ready to be released. Crafted and recorded during two days somewhere in between “Christ Redeemers” and “I Shall Die Here”, this is absolutely must-listen material for lovers of bleak and abrasive sounds. With collaborations more often than not resulting in material which is hardly more than a linear combination of its authors writing styles, it’s refreshing to listen to what Neil Jameson achieved with the seemingly always inspired duo of Buford and King. While sounding closer to The Body than Krieg mostly by virtue of being slow and weird, the collaboration definitely stands its ground as a singular piece, filled to the brim with plenty of creative urgency and musical discomfort. LP