Scream for me, Bristoooool! No, man, Iron Maiden is not of one of the headliners. As a matter of fact, none of the festival’s headliners has been revealed yet, but I’m sure I’ll be back to that misty town of Bristol next year, loaded up with Buckfast and an uncontrollable desire to convince you how Prurient should be playing there with Ash Pool. That Motion venue will work again as Temples‘ dome from June 2 to June 5 – yeah, 2016 edition will have a warm-up day, sold separately, as if you needed another good reason to get drunky drunk.

So, 13 great bands have been today added up to a line-up that will have 60 in total. Can-u-dig-it?

  • Acid King
  • ACxDC
  • Arkangel – Performing “Dead Man Walking” in full
  • Cough
  • Chaos UK
  • Deathrite
  • Fuk
  • Gentlemen’s Pistols
  • Inter Arma
  • Jucifer
  • Mare
  • Primitive Man
  • Voices

That’s just nasty. Can’t wait to see Arkangel and Mare, really. Weekend tickets are on sale there and there.