The compilation series Teach Your Soul With Fire is back. After the release of three volumes between 1993 and 1996 featuring songs from bands such as Abigail, Behemoth, Decayed, Hades Almighty and Moonspell, issues took place and the fourth and final volume of the series was never released. Until now, that is, as “Teach Your Soul With Fire Vol. IV”, originally planned for 1999, will see the light of day sixteen years later. Three songs are already available on bandcamp, which you can stream here:

“Teach Your Soul With Fire Vol. IV” comes out on the 24th of November via Signal Rex on a limited cassette release as it was originally intended and consists of the tracks recorded back in those days, despite the fact that some of the bands are not active anymore or have suffered significant formation changes over the years. The tracklist is as follows (the tracks marked with an * are already available):

  • Side A

1. Mortifier – From The Absu
2. Flauros – Stream Of Tears
3. Murder Rape – Echoes From The New Millennium
4. Negură Bunget – Negrii
5. Serpent Lore – The Night Neverending
6. Feikn – Aamanden
7. Holy Death – Lord of Destruction*
8. Funeral Oration – Pagan Joy
9. Lunae Dies – Decline Of The Light

  • Side B

1. Krieg – Coronation*
2. Suicidal Winds – Carnal Lust*
3. Mystical Fate – Flying To The Fate
4. Hefeystos – Lesny Tron
5. Firstborn Evil – Throne Of The Serpent
6. Crypthowl – Of Seductress In Obsequal Attire
7. Sortilege – Haunting The Night (bonus epic version)
8. Centuries Of Deception – …Only War & Hate Survived…
9. Zaratustra – With A Black Horse
10. The Second Moon – Long Ago In A Hidden Valley

Artwork, layout and concept of Teach Your Soul With Fire is a creation of Luís Neto.