We have the deepest of admirations for Damian Master as an artist – hopefully, we might have helped him clinching a performance at next year’s Roadburn, hopefully – and, as a person, he always been great to us. Sadly, his father passed away recently. But Damian used that tearful experience to create a new APL record, in memory of his dad. Seven songs, all titled “Rocky”, are now streaming on Colloquial Sound‘s Bandcamp and you can buy the cassette edition which comes in a beautiful package:

“A hand-painted purple metallic envelope, bound with black and white twine, double sided insert/lyric sheet, and full-color J card and purple cassette, with download. To make add to the emotional experience, the j-card and outer envelope are scented with my father’s cologne.  His scent, the scent I grew up with is now being shared with you to enhance the aural experience.  The last of the bottle, given to me by my mother, spent on this meaningful project.”