As far as we are concerned, one of the best things to have happened all year in the black metal scene is the appearance of Vrasubatlat, the label run by M and R of Ash Borer fame who had so far released four demos by Serum Dreg, Uškumgallu and Utzalu (in that case a brilliant split with Mróz), all projects evolving at least one of them. To put this year to rest, here is the fifth release of the label, Triumvir Foul‘s self-titled full length debut, described as a “vessel for hedonism, corruption and cabalisticism” and working as an “embodiment of one’s depravity and weakness expressed through worship of the three serpents”. You can stream below if you feel like getting your head pouded in by some nasty lo-fi death metal (and why wouldn’t you, really?).

Triumvir Foil is composed by Cedentibus (M on Ash Borer) on drums, Ad Infinitum (otherwise known as R) on vocals and guitars and Absque (Lung Mold, Shrine Of The Serpent) on bass and second guitar. Unfortunately, as is usual with Vrasubatlat releases, the physical edition of 100 tapes is already sold out and from now on the digital format is all we’ll have, a situation that also applies to the bands first self released EP “An Oath Of Blood And Fire”, which you can stream at this location.