Post black metal is a curious thing. Once hailed as a revolutionary force within a stagnated and conservative genre – a point of view which for some reason ignores all the weirdness and constant reinvention existing within the genre ever since its inception – it has since been as repeated until exhaustion as the traditional early 90’s template was. Like the in-your-face style some sought to replace, however, when something comes along that was crafted in properly inspired fashion, all that conversation falls into the pit of pointlessness from which it came and all that really matters is the music. Such is the case with Siberian based Ultar, whose first record “Kadath” can be streamed in this location, via Noisey.

Formerly known as Deafknife (incarnation with which they amassed two LP, an EP and a demo, most of whom can be found in their bandcamp), the name change brings along a new degree of extremity to their sound, which manages to feel both more spacey and more intense at the same time, defying the often seen feeling of complacency induced by an the overuse of post-rock elements.

“Kadath” is set for release on October 21 by Temple Of Torturous.