Prepare to hear Oathbreaker like you’ve never heard them before. Yes, the blackened hardcore riffs, the blast beats and the screams are all still there, more refined in their composition than ever but it’s the way new elements ebb and flow through the compositions of “Rheia” that brings their third LP to the creative forefront of their discography.

Snippets of the new heights reached by the band and specially by vocalist Caro Tanghe were already visible in the first two songs released, “10:56 / Second Son of R” (specially in the former) and in “Immortals”, but it’s that trio of “Sorry, This Is”, “Where I Live” and “Where I Leave” that is bound to do the convincing closure of the case we just posted. Check it for yourself through this link, as it’s streaming via Noisey.

Together with the stream of the record, the band has also announced tours through both North America and Europe, playing Portugal with WIFE on the 26 and 27 of November, in Lisbon’s Music Box and Porto’s Cave 45 respectively.