The ever vibrant dutch black metal scene is getting ready for the first full-length release of one of its usually hidden gems, Folteraar. Often dwelling on raw sounds with a strong improvisational bias, Folteraar‘s first LP “Vertellingen Van Een Donkere Eeuw” promises to stay true to form, as the band describes its recording process as one where “the sessions are all but clear, leaving the creators as empty and confused as the ones who experience it”. The fifth track of the album, “Mijn Verlossing”, was made available for streaming over at Invisible Oranges and you can listen to it below.

While pretty much all the previous Folteraar releases done by The Throat, a label owned by guitar player and vocalist K. and whose focus lies on limited edition tapes from some of the filthiest lo-fi acts you’ll happen to gaze upon, this time things are different. A bigger platform for a bigger album probably describes it and so “Vertellingen Van Een Donkere Eeuw” is set for official release on the 26th of February via Iron Bonehead.