SMSF new year’s resolution? To make sure this year’s edition will be the best to date. And the festival called a few tricks to help them fulfil that resolution – take a look.

Folk metal has a history of bringing the festival audience to a frenzy and nothing like a fifteen-year-old institution like Trollfest to push the standards higher. The death folk band is set to release “Helluva”, their 7th full length, next month, and they promise to present us “Steel Sarah” and “Professor Otto” with a helluva party! VOFF, VOFF, VOFF!

Having played SWR Barroselas last year, Misþyrming and Naðra are no strangers to Portugal and seem more than ready for another Icelandic raid. With “Algleymi” and the split with Sinmara waiting to see the light, it is still early to predict what Misþyrming will inflict upon us, but since mystery has always been one of their trademarks, we don’t mind it at all. To help them represent the Icelandic scene, Naðra will keep pushing their debut “Allir Vegir Til Glötunar” and the following EP “Form” into our ears, smashing our heads with their raw approach to black metal.

As for the finishing touches: Rancor, travelling from Madrid, promise to thrash it ’till it hurts, presenting the soon to be released “Evilization” and Ranger, from Helsinki, will travel withSpeed & Violence” and carry the banner of old-school speed metal with high pitched vocals to the Baixo Alentejo area.

Remember: SMSF will take place in Beja (Portugal), from June 8 to June 11, with acts like Exodus, Orphaned Land, Mão Morta, Wolfbrigade and Urfaust already confirmed. You can get your tickets and more info here.