SMSF ain’t playing around and just dropped another bomb, this one so destructive that it doesn’t need any helpers: legendary Bay Area thrashers Exodus.

With “Blood In Blood Out” still to be presented to the Portuguese fans and this being their first concert in the country since the return of former vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza, there’s plenty to catch up to next year and to make this a very special show. Who isn’t thrilled to watch “War Is My Shepherd” or “The Toxic Waltz” performed by its original singer?

Now, we’re left to wonder if Gary Holt will come and say hi or if he will prioritize Slayer once again. Back in 2012, when Exodus played Hard Club, Rick Hunolt was (temporarily) back with the band filling in for Holt. Nowadays, Kragen Lum (from Heathen, who joined Exodus on stage during that same gig back in 2012) is Holt’s full-time live substitute, but with Slayer playing Spain and the UK a few days before, we can’t avoid some wishful thinking.

SMSF will take place in Beja (Portugal), from June 8 to June 11, where Exodus will join acts like Orphaned Land, Mão Morta, Wolfbrigade and Urfaust. You can get your tickets and more info at