There’s still a bit more than a month before the 2015 edition of Le Guess Who? and the line up has been finished. That doesn’t mean a void on news, as the festival just announced the release of Selda Bağcan‘s performance at the 2014 edition of the festival. “Adaletin Bu Mu Dünya? (Hey World! Is This Your Justice?)”, one of the songs included in the recording, is already online andcan be streamed below

The Turkish activist/singer does not perform very often and had the following to say regarding her LGW? show “I had many, many gigs in Europe before, and I don’t know why but about the performance at Le Guess Who?, I felt different and happier than before”. There has always been a strong connection between the music of Selda Bağcan and her political surroundings, with the singer having been imprisoned in the 70’s and 80’s, had her passport “lost” and her songs banned by the government-owned Turkish television until not too long ago. All topics touched upon by Selda herself in this short but worth checking video profile done at the festival last year

“Selda Bağcan – Live at Le Guess Who? 2014” comes out on November 9 with pre-orders already available. The track listing of the release goes as follows:

A1. Yaz Gazeteci Yaz (Say It Journalist! Say it!)
A2. Özgürlük ve Demokrasiyi Çizmek (Drawing Freedom & Democracy)
A3. Tatlı Dillim (My Sweet Tongue)
A4. Mehmet Emmi (Uncle Mehmet)
A5. Yuh Yuh (Boo Boo!)
A6. İnce ince (It Snows to the Poors)
B1. Adaletin Bu Mu Dünya? (Hey World! Is This Your Justice?)
B2. Vurulduk Ey Halkım Unutma Bizi (They Shoot Us People, Don’t Forget Us!)
B3. Acıyı Bal Eyledik
B4. Yaylalar
B5. Yuh Yuh (encore)