My legs and arms felt limp and numb. I began to feel like my skin was on fire and I was sweating profusely. My vision was blurry and I could barely open my eyes. My heart also seemed like it was beating fast and hard. I grabbed my phone and managed to get a “help” text out to my nearby friend. He came out to find me lying in my pee and was barely able to talk, but I told him where my Narcan was. I was shivering to the point where it felt like convulsions. Like when you shiver from being cold but times a hundred and uncontrollable. He shot the Narcan in me once and he said it didn’t seem to do anything so he shot another dose.
I managed to sit partially up and noticed my skin was beet red. I was still barely able to breathe and the shaking only got worse. About a minute passed and it finally seemed like my lungs started working better. I was able to crawl back on to my bed but I was still beet red and cold and shivering for the next hour or so until I must have passed out.

  • Ambient / Musique Concrete
  • Summer Isle
  • Jan. 2018