It’s set: the ancient town of Beja (Portugal) will witness the return of Santa Maria Summer Fest next year, between the 8th and 10th of June, at the Parque de Merendas.

Since its inception, SMSF has proudly embraced the DIY ethos, fomenting a sense of fellowship between its attendees and thus creating the perfect atmosphere to celebrate the underground music scene. The “family” is now presented with a new visual concept, by the hands of Ana Rodrigues (see below), as an obvious culmination of its growth beyond its physical and musical limits and having recently premiered a new capacious location.

And it’s also with that very sense of proximity to the faithful attendees that we see Wolfbrigade confirmed as one of the headliners. The Swedish crust legends will return to our country after many requests and, hopefully, presenting the successor to «Damned» from 2012. Since their last visit goes back to 2008 («Comalive»’s release year) we will have plenty to catch up to, be beaten up to and, hopefully, remember for posterity.

Joining this all-around badassery, Israelis Orphaned Land will serve the other side of the spectrum, blurring religious differences and communing their message of peace. Several albums and peace awards later, their “oriental metal” (as they themselves like to describe it) continues to seize bodies with the tingling pace of middle-eastern folk and the now more progressive side of metal and is bound to bring everyone, from punks to mere visitors, together in harmony.

Adding up to the Swedish contingent come Kim Carlsson’s Hypothermia, back to gather more “disciples” and freeze us all to death. Retaining the bleakness of their depressive black metal past, their metamorphosis into post-metal reached a new height with «Svartkonst», released last year. Freezing cold but ultimately captivating and hypnotizing, Hypothermia manage to blend extremes into a distressingly whimsical expedition.

Also confirmed is the return of Process Of Guilt. The band, one of the most important acts to emerge from the Portuguese underground this century, presented the gigantic «Fæmin» at the festival back in 2013 with an unforgettably savage show, and are now bound to return with their yet to be released (but already recorded) follow-up, promising another huge leap in their evolution, as their records always tend to be.

To continue the tradition of having different musical scenes represented at the festival, Fuse is set to join the bill with his crushing rap anthems. From Dealema to his solo career, the MC will show us why he is considered one of the most extreme rappers in today’s Portuguese underground while presenting his new solo album, «Caixa de Pandora» (set to be released later this year).

Santa Maria Summer Fest takes place in Beja, Portugal, from the 8th to the 10th of June, 2017. Tickets will be on sale from 30€ (3 day ticket) to 40€ (3 day ticket + t-shirt + tote bag + cup) around mid-November but you can still get your hands on a few leftover early bird packs (special packs for 30€/ 3-day ticket for 20€) by sending an e-mail to