After last month’s announcements set a new standard for the festival’s future bills, they manage to keep it up this month and so once again we fall victims to Santa Maria Summer Fest’s insightful picks.

Mão Morta. The legendary six-piece doesn’t need any introductions or small bios: it is the most revolutionary and abrasive rock band in Portuguese history, incisive and ruthless in their social commentary as they are in their pounding rhythms, with Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, the razor-tongued vocalist and lyricist, always at the forefront, justifying his status as one of the most important characters in the whole Portuguese underground. Be forewarned: this is the band that created waves on prime-time news for their politically charged/incorrect video «Horas De Matar», that showcases Adolfo shooting a gun and several politicians on the background. A true punk anthem.

 Joining them, the ritualistic Urfaust will once again subject the Portuguese audience to their uniquely intoxicated approach to black metal. IX‘s vocals have long become a staple of anyone who likes a bit of weirdness to go with their raw musical depictions of doom and occultism, but it’s the interplay between the two members that seals the deal. Nowhere is this more apparent than on their recent opus «Empty Space Meditation», only the fourth full-length in a career full of smaller ordeals, and their first since 2010, which they will surely be revisiting next year.

Fancy some black/death? The Irish scene is much deeper than most might be aware and Malthusian have appeared in recent years determined to be a force to be reckoned with. Featuring members of other Irish heavyweights such as Altar Of Plagues, Mourning Beloveth, Wreck Of The Hesperus or On Pain Of Death, the band goes beyond the notions of “underground super group” and presents a serious creative approach towards death metal. The extremity on display on their «Below The Hengiform» EP is rough, sinister and concise, and we can’t wait to discover how those dark vibes will sound like in a live environment.

And because SMSF has a history of decadently awesome grindcore performances (remember VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC back in 2013?), we present Clitgore. The Romanians are here to bring you weird tales of sexual perversity through the almighty book of pornogrind rules with all its cheesy, kitschy and amazingly brutal elements. To emphasize our point, don’t forget to check their 2014 debut, «The Final Cuntdown», which provides you with lyrical delights such as «Tales From The Clit» or «Juicy Pussy».

Hailing from ancient Coimbra, Portuguese mob Tales for the Unspoken wrap up this month’s announcements and they will travel a few hundred kilometres to lay down the weight of their grooves on the SMSF crowd. A usual presence in local festivals and events, with two full-length records to their name already, their melodic swagger together with a strong tolerance message is the kind that always goes down great in any company, and they will surely blend in well in Beja as they do everywhere else.

While we wait for yet another batch of bands, don’t forget: the 30€ three-day ticket will be available until the last of January along with the special packs (40€ including three-day ticket, t-shirt, tote bag and cup) and can be purchased here.