“Volume IV – The Invading Past And Other Dissolutions”, gravado no Alandroal pelo Moinho da Fonte Santa, está hoje oficialmente editado pela three:four Records. Diz Filipe Felizardo:

This album was thought of and recorded while in residency at Moinho da Fonte Santa, in the deep, silent countryside of southern Portugal, while writing, taking long walks and producing some land-art in the shape of rock paintings. These activities were a very thoughtful and pleasant experience, a drastic counterpoint to the musical material that was composed until then and the new morcels that took shape while recording with unlimited time. This music is excruciatingly personal, and I tried to convey more than the mere cosmogonies and pataphysics of earlier work. This time I wanted to be poetic and improve my technique. I had one of the most wonderful times in my life, which you may not believe given the tone of this album. That said, I hope you enjoy this music.”