I would say that, for me, it’s important to draw the distinction between something that’s music and something that’s musical. I would say that I am an artist that uses music and sound; I would never say that I am a musician, although Prurient may be musical in that sense. The intent is not to create music, in the sense of an exclusive sound experience. The intent is to use the idea of sound or music as a platform for the communication of the subject matter and to provide a context for the imagery, content, the lyrics, the performance, etc.
Dominick Fernow
01 STELLARWIND – “Declared Dead In Absentia”
02 worriedaboutsatan – “Sleep Of The Foolish”
03 ATILA – “1”
04 Dead Micro – “Black Mass”
05 Blanck Mass – “Dead Format”
06 Demdike Stare – “Repository Of Light”
07 Född Död – “I smärtan, fri”
08 Vatican Shadow – “Unknown To The Peacock The Serpent And Scorpion Conspire”
09 GRAVE – “Ritual”
10 The Haxan Cloak – “The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)”