“The word “proud” or “pride” can have strange connotations, but I will say that I feel extremely lucky to have been involved with just about all the the musical endeavors I have been in the last 20 years – both as a musician and as a facilitator of other people’s work. Almost all the great experiences of my late teenage years, college years and “adult” life have come through playing music or working with other musicians in some capacity. Most of my close friendships, and even my marriage came from this as well. I feel glad to know that some of the art and music I’ve made or helped others get out into the world has had meaning and provided inspiration to others. That is the highest goal I could’ve possibly hoped to achieve through doing what I do.”

Aaron Turner

01 Old Man Gloom – Gift
02 Discordance Axis – The Third Children
03 Cave In – The End Of Our Rope Is a Noise
04 Botch – Transitions From Persona To Object
05 Oxbow – Frank’s Frolic
06 Jodis – Red Bough
07 Jesu – Sun Day
08 Nihill – Spiral The Tail Eater
09 Greymachine – Wasted
10 Pyramids With Nadja – An Angel Was Heard To Cry Over The City Of Rome