This is the end of the last days of mourning
One more sad song will be sung
The only children of the lost generation
Are restless and angry and armed
We’ve watched our loved ones
Lose all life and passion
Another lifetime is spent chasing
The prospect of hope and salvation
Wondering where all the early years went
We won’t be sold to our sellers
One more sad song will be sung
This chant of anger will ring out like sirens
Until the last neck of the last boss is hung
The end of the ruling classes
The end of sleepless nights
The end of taking orders
The end of wasted lives
The end… the ending fight
Tragedy – “The Ending Fight”
I fight every day through rocks pelted
In haunting memories
Thoughts scarred by what was taught
Ruptured hearts try to unlearn bouts
Of despair
The blatant lies through years
Years of held back tears
Beauty was defined
The ugly confined
The mirror reminds
His Hero Is Gone – “Anthem Of The Undesirables”