“Once I had my heroes
Once I had my dreams
But all of that is changed now
The truth begins again
The truth is not that comfortable, no
Mother taught us patience
The virtues of restrain
Father taught us boundaries
The knowledge we must go
I’m trying to protect my unity
That’s when I reach for my revolver
That’s when it all gets blown away
That’s when I reach for my revolver
The spirit fights to find its way”
Mission Of Burma
01 Diät – “Hurricane”
02 Heat Dust – “I Think About It Every Day”
03 Institute – “Cheerlessness”
04 Captive – “The Fool”
05 Iceage – “Everything Drifts”
06 Cadaver Em Transe – “Nós, Os Bastardos”
07 Soft Kill – “Selfish Love”
08 Belgrado – “Dead Generation”
09 Nervosas – “Night Room”
10 Lost Tribe – “Rise Or Fall”