September 4, 2001. Just a few days before the infamous event, Converge released their now legendary album “Jane Doe” which they’ve never played in its entirety live. That’s about to change, as the band is set to play it all for the first and last time at Roadburn 2016. Another date to remember: Thursday, April 14, 2016.

That’s not all, however. Remember when Napalm Death played a special set of their slower stuff a few years ago? Next year will be Converge‘s turn to do the same and they’re going all out for it, recruiting some illustrious names to join them on stage: former bass player and Cave In member Stephen Brodsky, Chelsea Wolfe and frequent collaborator Ben Chisholm, and last but definitely not least Steve Von Till.

Two more news regarding the Dutch festival, one good, one bad. The bad news is that Midnight cancelled their upcoming European tour, Roadburn presence included. Being Roadburn the festival that carried on amidst the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull and subsequent cancellation of a ton of artists, they leave us with a message of hope: “But please pack your leather jackets, bulletbelts, and facemasks, because you’ll surely need them for the rock ‘n roll juggernaut that will step in as Midnight‘s replacement, and which will be announced in due course. Speedfreaks be forewarned.” The good news is that Tad Doyle‘s Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth have also joined the festival’s lineup and are set to crush whoever stands in their way on Saturday, April 16.

So, to recap, we have Neurosis performing two special sets, two unique Converge sets, the first ever G.I.S.M. show outside of Japan, Repulsion, Pentagram, Skepticism, Misþyrming and a plethora of other must see acts (see the full list here). If there ever was a definition of a ridiculously good line up, this would be a strong candidate.