s a person who journeys, year after year, to consecrated soil a pilgrim? If so, we see not a better parable for the summit that takes place in Tilburg, Netherlands every mid-April. Just for the unbounded and limitless music’s sake, a horde of souls gathers around the 013 venue to shatter the chains of what is trivial. A weekend-long assembly, where the line between musicians and a devotee audience gets blurry. Roadburn 2015 is scheduled from April 9 to 12 and we’ll welcome it with special articles in English – this is the first one. We’ve asked YOB‘s mastermind Mike Scheidt, an avowed follower of the festival, his top five favorite Roadburn performances from a fan perspective.

5. Samothrace [2014]

I’ve seen Samothrace many times, and they effortlessly won every heart in the place. I watched people’s jaws drop when they played. I saw people crying, hugging each other. The soul that comes out of that band is real, and I am honored to call them friends. Their set at Roadburn 2014 was perfect.

4. Voivod [2012]

I never thought I’d have a chance to see them. And there they were, right there. They played “Dimension Hatröss” in entirety. Enough said.

3. Eagle Twin [2010]

I had heard about a new duo on Southern Lord from Salt Lake City Utah, called Eagle Twin. We ran in to catch them, and, man, wow. They had tone: capital T, capital Sunn Model T. Their riffs were so fresh sounding, kind of backwards and angular, crushing with a unique atmosphere. Sludge and doom, yeah, but avant-garde. Hard to really pin their sound down in words, and no one else sounds like them. Since then, I’ve seen Eagle Twin a number of times and they’ve never failed to cook my brain to beyond well done.

2. Conan [2012; 2014]

Conan has one of THE HEAVIEST live sounds in the world. Fact. Punishing loud and volume wide. Tone. And riffs. One after the other. I’ve seen them twice at Roadburn: 2012 and 2014.

1. Doom [2012]

OK, the Patronaat venue, which is a giant old church turned into a venue, can hold about 800 people roughly. It was myself, my bandmates, J Mascis and Stevie Floyd. The venue was at capacity and it didn’t look like we were going to get in. Then comesWalter to the rescue and baam! We’re in. I still had my backpack on from when we arrived to the fest. This was Roadburn 2012. Doomkicked into their jams, and it was sincerely one of the best things I’ve ever seen. They were so completely pummeling, engulfing, powerful… I walked backstage and showed my artist laminate. Then I set down my backpack, ran out on stage and jumped into the crowd. From there, it’s a little hazy. I lost both of my shoes at one point, my cell phone (which was luckily turned in with security) and lost my mind. Never had that to begin with, actually. But If I had it, I certainly would have lost it. Still to this day one of the best live show experiences I’ve ever had.

I must say however that choosing five favorite acts I’ve seen at Roadburn is a bit of a liver-punch. Hell, at Roadburn I’ve been able to witness Sleep, OM, The Obsessed, Michael Gira, Killing JokeUrfaust, Corrections House, Dark Space, Shining, Danava, Red Fang, Candlemass, Sons Of Otis, Eyehategod, MagmaCoroner, Triptykon, Witch, Napalm Death, Obliteration, Bölzer,Monarch, Coroner, Thorr’s Hammer, Goatsnake, JarboeWitchcraft, Church Of Misery, Whitehorse, DopethroneInternal Void, Black Cobra, Bongripper, 40 Watt Sun… Etc., etc., etc.