Gnod • Het Patronaat • 2012

2012 was the first time that I attended Roadburn (I have so much to catch up on!), but Gnod summed one of the best things about the festival for me – that there’s always something going on, and chances are it’s going to be good. Unable to squeeze comfortably in to see Voïvod, I was lured by a text from a friend suggesting I check out Gnod instead, over at Het Patronaat. And they made me forget my weary legs, and tired brain for a while of psyched out bliss.

The Ruins Of Beverast • Het Patronaat • 2013

This was one of those shows that when you leave afterwards, into the harsh sunshine, you’re blinking heavily, unable to immediately adjust to the light after the heavy, heavy darkness that you’ve just witnessed. Suberb!

Mourning Beloveth • Het Patronaat • 2013

This Mourning Beloveth set was a pleasurable endurance test as they worked their way through “The Sullen Sulcus” in its entirety. Evidently it was not for the faint hearted, but those that lasted the distance were truly spoilt.

Indian • Het Patronaat • 2014

I struggle to find the words for an Indian live show – the rawness is palpable. But their set at Roadburn last year seemed extra gritty; perhaps due to it falling right at the end of a gruelling European tour added an extra layer of abrasiveness, but it was genuinely alarming and harrowing to watch.

Inter Arma • Green Room • 2014

My first experience of Inter Arma live! I stood in prime position, front centre of the stage as I knew this was going to be a good set. It was absolutely staggering and mesmerising. Half way through the set I had somehow been shifted to the back of the room, and nearly out the door. I’ve since then seen Inter Arma play a handful more times, and every one of them has been amazing, but Roadburn remains the peak for me!