Allright folks, Roadburn is less than two weeks away and by now we’ve all had some time to diggest the sheer awesomeness of the running order, to suffer with the unavoidable clashes and rejoice with the knowledge of what lies in store for us. Seems about right that things get just a tiny bit more complicated now, doesn’t it?

Let’s start with the side programme, which will take place in the basement of the newly remodelled 013. There, Hi-Fi Scenen will present two talks moderated by Louise Brown: the first featuring Paradise Lost discussing “Gothic” and the second with Cult Of Luna talking about “Somewhere Along The Highway”. That’s not wall when it comes to Hi-Fi Scenen and it’s parent organisation Hi-Fi Klubben, as they will set up camp on the basement of V39 for “Record Collectors Anonymous Club”, which will comprise a series of vinyl listening sessions as well as displaying their collection of amps, speakers and turntables.

RB16_Side Programme_2

Returning to the 013, there will be a discussion on the theme “Technology: does it level the playing field, or lower the bar?” hosted by Ula Gehret and featuring Kurt Ballou, Jens Preuter, Becky Laverty and Kim Kelly. Converge‘s guitar player will be back for a second talk, this time around joined by Nate Newton to discuss “Jane Doe”. The last band related talk will be hosted by Metal Hammer‘s Jonathan Selzer, featuring Steve Von Till and Scott Kelly to talk about Neurosis and do a 30th-anniversary retrospective. Finally, Season Of Mist’s Michael Berbarian will talk to a panel of artists  regarding the link between music and the artwork representing it. The panel will be formed by Becky Cloonan, Arik Roper, Costin Chioreanu, and Kim Holm. Go here for more information about the side programme.

There will also be a series of exhibitions. Becky Cloonan will exhibit her work both at the 013 and throughout the city (more information here). Further exhibitions include “Redesign”, a collaborative piece between Jérôme Siegelaer and musician Sélim Lemouchi, a pedal display by Dr. No Effects and Darko titled “The Fuzzadelic SkullShow” and “Death Alley X”.Finally, the afterparties! Those will range from the classic metal disco of the great

Finally, the afterparties! Those will range from the classic metal disco of the great Alan Averill on Thursday and Sunday, Bitches Brew on Friday, featuring Becky Cloonan, Rebecca Vernon (Sub Rosa) and The Sisters of No Mercy as DJ’s. We left Saturday for last because this will be a first: hosted by Mr. Averill, there will be an actual karaoke session at Roadburn (more info about that madness here).

Oh, and the free Wednesday show on the Cul de Sac which was bound to feature Jucifer has been expanded to also include performances by The Skull and Bang.

Yeah, if there ever was a festival spoiling all of us, that festival is called Roadburn.

See you all in Tilburg!