Okay, folks, this is it, pick up that notebook, that smartphone, that tablet, do your math, and end up being jealous of god, or any other mystical creature possessor of the ubiquity gift. The clock is ticking: Roadburn 2016 is only one month away and the festival’s HQ unleashed the anxiously awaited running order, where you surely encircle those bands you don’t want to miss. Yes, the clashes, heartwrenching, but you cannot expect a Roadburn without the legendary #RoadburnProblems. Five stages running simultaneously, with a brand new one for us to welcome: Extase is taking the sheet’s spot where Bat Cave used to be (which is now part of a much bigger and updated Green Room). From Cult Of Luna to Buried At Sea, it will be a monumental treat; Tilburg 14-17 here we go!

RB2016_Running Order_Thu14

RB2016_Running Order_Fri15

RB2016_Running Order_Sat16

RB2016_Running Order_Sun17