Nice news for all of you who are just thinking about paying a single-day visit to Roadburn, as the festival’s HQ will put on sale daily entrances on January 7 – 7pm CET. They are limited and will cost 59€ each.

To spice things even more, there’s a new batch of confirmations for April that goes like this:

Peter Pan Speedrock • Farewell tour // April 15

Blind Idiot Got • April 17

Mondo Drag • April 15

Bliksem • April 15

There are some slight changes that must be taken into account as well: the solo performance of John Haughm will happen on Friday, April 16 and not on Thursday, as previously scheduled.

And, if you didn’t know this already, Stage01 (our beloved Batcave) no longer exists, being absorbed by a now much larger Green Room. The supa-cool Cul de Sac will keep being an official venue and there’s a new one for us to meet: Extase, right behind Het Patronaat, giving those who love smaller stages a cozy place to hang and watch great acts.

Check our official Roadburn section for all the line-up.