Roadburn 2016 - Buried at Sea

They’re not done yet, oh no. We’re less than two months away from Roadburn‘s kickoff, the 3- and 4-day tickets are now sold out (there’s still daily entrances for Thursday and Friday), but the festival’s HQ is embroidering this year’s lineup even more. Just picturing Buried At Sea going back to life is breathtaking enough, but there’s a whole another lot of confirmations for you to rejoice. For the sake of succinctness, we’re presenting them this way:

April 13th

  • Jucifer (playing Cul de Sac for those who’ll be already in Tilburg on Wednesday)

April 14th

  • Hell (US)
  • Usnea
  • Cult Of Occult
  • Inverloch
  • Daniel Payne
Cul de Sac stage [In collaboration with Never Mind The Hype]
  • Moloken
  • New Keepers Of The Water Tower
  • Zone Six
  • Dead Neanderthals
  • Gomer Pyle
  • Mantara Machine

April 15th

  • CHVE (playing with Dwid Hellion from Integrity)

April 16th

  • Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
  • Beastamker
  • Carousel
Cul de Sac stage [In collaboration with Ruffstuffmusic and Never Mind The Hype]
  • Hemelbestormer
  • DOOL
  • Grimmsons
  • Partisans
  • The Progerians
  • We’rewolves

April 17th

  • Buried At Sea
  • Mirrors For Psychic Warfare [Scott Kelly + Sanford Parker]
Cul de Sac stage
  • Syndrome
  • Chaos Echoes
  • Death Alley
  • Witch Trail
  • Menhir