Great news from the Finnish front: not only Skepticism is absolutely guaranteed for Roadburn 2016, they will actually perform a fan-picked setlist. How cool is that? Soon you will know how to cast your vote; until then, please do check “Ordeal” – their first LP in seven years ir out tomorrow through Svart.

Fellow countrymen Hexvessel are once again more than ready to cheer Tilburg up with some high doses of pluridimensional folk, which is about to give birth to another full-length – their third. Expect new songs on stage and some astonishing live visuals by the hand of Costin Chioreanu.

Former Burning Witch‘s bassist G. Stuart Dahlquist recently reactivated The Poisoned Glass. Concatenating a new record, which will be out next Spring through Ritual Productions, drone will be the word en vogue when 013 opens its doors for some slow blackish vibes.

Also confirmed for next year’s Roadburn is the British heavy blues of Gentlemans Pistols, the non-stagnant prog-driven sound of Klone and the expansive space rock plurality done by Astrosoniq. If that’s not enough for today, feel free to cherish the anti-dogmatic ransacking jazz of Yodok III and Italy’s Nibiru to bring their Hindu lava-scorched psychedelic material.

Check our Roadburn section to know who fits where and when. Tickets go on sale October 2 at 21:00 CET. Three-day tickets will be available for 165 Euros (excl. service fees); four-day tickets will cost 185 Euros (excl. service fees). Sunday-only tickets will cost 39 Euros (excl. service fees). More info on where to buy those special pieces HERE.