PRIMITIVE MAN - "Home Is Where The Hatred Is"

Read the album title. Now look at that cover, at the guns, the saggy tits and the American flag. Heh, now repeat this over and over again while its filthy fury blasts through your sound system. Delicious fucking bleakness, ain’t it? Primitive Man‘s sludgy and skull crushing doom was one of the highlights of this year’s Roadburn and this EP shows exactly why. It’s not only that they are heavy almost to the point of absurd, but that they do so without sounding gimmicky or sacrificing songwriting to get there. Does it uncomfortable at times? Sure. Does it paint a gloomy picture of shit? Yeah, of course it does, that’s the whole point. Ludicrously heavy and vile sounding music, where distortion and feedback reign supreme alongside good riffing, crushing drums and harshly bellowed vocals. No catharsis found or needed.