This track resonates with us over here at PA’. Political correctness is spreading like fucking wildfire these days, wherever you go, whoever you talk to. It is a nomadic virus. It infiltrates the lowest standards, it cripples thinking itself, replacing individual judgement with a collective numbness, an apathetic police squad clouding what is generally deemed as offensive, repugnant, chaotic, frightening or remotely different. That doesn’t work with us, somehow we still want to have the freedom to say your band sucks, your festival is pretty fucking dismal and your world views make us puke unwittingly.

Systemik Viølence think we’ve all gone too soft, that punk has somehow turned into a lifeless comfort zone when it should be exactly the opposite. It shouldn’t be all about positive energies, spiritless ‘friendships’ and that guru stuff your counsellor tells you to invigorate. Shouldn’t be a bar of Xanax, but a rough, danger, spiteful fucking experience. Systemik Viølence is bringing threat back to town with their crude and hateful approach, combining japcore, old Swedish d-beat abrasiveness and the always much needed raw lo-fi sound. They’re Portuguese, yes, but that’s just trivia – what matters is their six short-fused anthems of loathing, all out on a debut demo called “Fuck As Punk”. Raw N’ Roll will have 100 tapes of it to sell, so pre-order the thing already. One of its tracks was unleashed today on SV’s Bandcamp, but now, oh yeah baby, we’re releasing another one. Play it while driving and smash yourself into a wall: