What can one do after having endured and survived chaos? Write about it. The Danish LLNN seem to be at the very core of a desolating and perhaps almost fatal piece of human history and they’re dealing with the best way they can: writing a post-metal anthology that is much more early Neurosis-inspired than post-rock nourished. There’s a true sense of loss amidst their new record and LLNN convey it by bringing the synth power to the front. A risky effort indeed, but rather well-done, as it sets them apart and helps the effort to portray what “Loss” is all about: dealing with absence and the immediate fallout that comes with tragedy. The album is out on June 17 through Pelagic Records and we’re now premiering “Monolith”. Believe us, they have all the right to use a word coined in the underground by Amebix. Listen to it and read a quote about the song from the band’s frontman:

“Musically this is a brutally straight forward song and one of the heaviest we’ve ever written. It’s also a song that sees us move a bit away from the more 80’s John Carpenter/Vangelis inspired synths of our record “Marks” and into a more organic sound inspired by Brad Fiedels work on the Terminator movies. We hope that you will enjoy the song.”

Christian Bonnesen, vocals & guitar.