After his first-ever international performance recently announced for the impressive Bicefal 2016 in Barcelona, the end of this year is shaping up quite nicely for Miguel Béco and his solo electronic project Atila with the upcoming release of his second full-length “Body” a mere year after the first, “V”, which you can recall here. As  you can witness bellow in “Angst Beast”, the new release displays a bleaker side to the musician’s electronics, easily reaching realms of power electronics at times.

“Body” is set for a joint release in CD (Dissociated Records, Hið Myrka Man), cassette (Bisnaga Records) and vinyl (Dissociated Records, Hið Myrka Man and Bestiarie), the first of which (CD) will take place on January 20, when the artist takes the stage with industrial duo Sinter for a special collaborative performance at NDV 2017.