The owners of the best Twitter account ever have found amidst all their self-deprecative awareness and contemplation for the human’s body decay process some time to create ten new tracks. Together they are “Indifferent Rivers Romance End”, a conglomeration of noise, synths, distortion and self-loathing. It’s out on July 22 through Flenser, but a track is already online (which, on Youtube, was followed by the video “What your poop says about you“, I swear) and the same goes for the tracklist and cover – depicting «a statue of Heraclitus, the tearful Ancient Greek herald of change, tied to a brick and drowned in a river of liquor and dirt».

1. Powders
2. Flight But Not Metaphor
3. Ascend
4. The Clearing
5. Liver
6. Modern Asylum
7. Manifestos
8. Bullwhips
9. Languish
10. Unwant