My heartlessness goes very well with Sourvein. When I’m empty, they fill me up sludgy nastiness, the kind that only Southerners know how to perform. Ya know right? So, yeah, T.Roy and his friends have been slowly, for the last couple of years, introducing some psychedelic catharsis in Sourvein‘s architecture. You could sense it already on their split with Graves At Sea released two years ago, but that change is now happening in bigger forms on “Aquatic Occult”, the band’s new album due on April 8 via Metal Blade. For it, they’ve invited tons of great people as guests, such as Randy Blythe, a man that we all know for his duty in Lamb Of God but who used to be as well the merch guy for Sourvein back in the day. Yeah, let that sink in. His appearance takes place on the track “Ocypuss”, now online, a track that also has Mike Dean of Corrosion Of Conformity:

People from AmebixWeedeater or Iron Monkey are

1. Tempest (Of Desire) (feat. Stig Miller)
2. Avian Dawn
3. Ocypuss (feat. Randy Blythe, Mike Dean)
4. Aquanaut (feat. Dean Berry)
5. Hymn to Poseidon
6. Mermaids
7. Urchins
8. In the Wind
9. Cape Fearian
10. Capsized (feat. Dave Capps)
11. High Tide
12. Bermuda Sundown (feat. Keith Kirkum)
13. Coral Bones
14. Oceanic Procession (feat. Stig Miller, Randy Blythe on organ)

“Finally man, finally, my years of hard work have paid off. ‘Aquatic Occult’ is going to bring the truth. The lyrics are reality to me; I don’t write about cars or chicks or horror movies, I write about the sacrifice and struggle, all the stuff I saw growing up and what I see now. But I want it to be positive, to let people know that there is a way out of bad times and tough situations.”