If I had the chance to be in a band writing lyrics and stuff, I’m sure I’d be just writing about hoes, booze and why my team’s coach should be fired rightaway for not using a 4-3-3 formation, that is much more reliable in lower league football than a 4-4-2. I’m not smart enough like the guys in Rorcal who have been reading some ancient Greek mythology to build their new full-length. How about that: you can listen to some good heavy music and, at the same time, learn that kind of cool stuff which you can spout off the next time you’re eating sushi with your crush. She’ll be impressed by how cultural you are and then both can engage in a conversation about how post-modern art should be appreciated from a classical aesthetic point of view – or not. Is beauty debatable?

You think about that while having your spina bifida decimated by this 11-minute song, premiered by Invisible Oranges. The guys on the website tell you all the story behind this record, with some fancy references about the post-romantic era and so on. A bunch of labels are releasing the thing on March 25, including the Portuguese Bleak Recordings.