Oh yeah, a new Pyriphlegethon track is out, signalling the impending arrival of a new album from Mories‘ output of old-school black metal whose previous releases “Rivers Of The Infernal Kingdom” and “Night Of Consecration” were heavy favourites around this parts (hell, even Fenriz digged the shit out of the stuff) and are. The aforementioned song, titled “The Murky Black Of Eternal Night” and described as “Naive retrogressive pre-nineties black metal exclusively!” can be streamed below.

In related news, the first two De Magia Veterum EP’s, “Clavicula Salomonis” from 2004 and “The Blood Of Prophets And Saints” from 2007, have been made available online here, while the “His Sombre Wrath” from Caput Mortuum is now out on tape via Post Apocalyptic Music, having previously been out on an extremely and since sold out edition of four via bandcamp.