I was just getting drunk with my friends last weekend and someone started the “What Song Would You Like To Play In Your Funeral” contest. We all came to the conclusion that something from Rolling Stones would be the proper choice, because any Stones song drips so much coke off its chords that maybe… maybe… you would jump out of the casket and live forever snorting white out of ass cracks and ruthless vaginas.

But maybe I’d pick this “Bakom Planteringen” of this Norin of this Hannes Norrvide of this Lust For Youth of this Posh Isolation label that I sweetly love from introducing me to this Puce Mary. Because I always picture death as digital in the future, digital hardware being thrown out in a Nigerian open air dump, our corpses rotten as LCD monitors in the African sun and little kids stealing our copper and microprocessors to survive through our own demise as living productive cyborgs.

:) I need this LP soon. :)