Yo, Obama, hold that mic, let Muscle And Marrow drop that shit for you, sir, because they will rattle your Air Force One with some doom’s turbulence and you’ll have to improvise some emergency landing on Nassau or something. You bet that’s right. I wouldn’t mess with Kira Clark and Keith McGraw anyway, unless a cat beauty contest was at stake, because they both look like holders of those Tumblr accounts packed with fluffy animals and uncomfortable sex questions from anons; and I have my share of felines to compete as well, so that would be game on. WELL. Muscle And Marrow have a new record, like we’ve told you recently, and it’s time for you, dear reader, to listen to another track from “Love”, called “Bereft Body”, to be released on May 27th through Flenser, a damn great record label as far as I’m concerned.