The long wait for a new Grails record will soon be over with the release of “Chalice Hymnal” in February. On the announcement, Temporary Residence Ltd. writes that “no one else sounds like Grails”, a statement we can truly get behind. The precise way in which this uniqueness will be manifest in “Chalice Hymnal” is still mostly unknown, though the first glimpse can be heard below in the form of the opening self-titled track.

“Chalice Hymnal” is set for release in early 2017 by Temporary Residence Ltd. Pre-orders are already available on their website, along with track listing and packaging option, revealing the possibility of getting the record plus a bonus two song 7”.

While it will be the first Grails record since “Black Tar Prophecies”, it’s not like they’ve been sitting still. Emil Amos‘ solo alias Holy Sons just recently released “In The Garden”, while Lilacs & Champagne, his project with Grails‘ own Alex Hall along with Jay Clarke and Zac Reno, released an amazing collection of psychedelic hip-hop last year, “Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh”.