After a mighty offering by the name of Luwte which can and should be streamed in this location, enigmatic Dutch trio Fluisteraars is back with an 7” EP named “Gelderland”, the province from which they originate. A much rawer and in-your-face affair than their previous LP, as can be witnessed in “Zijsselt”, available for stream below.

Set for release via Eisenwald Tonschmiede on October 28, “Gelderland” will be  limited to 300 copies. Interestingly, these will be quite literal manifestations of the band’s passion for the nature surrounding them and old craftsmanship, a process thus described in their page:

The moor in bloom, grains of wheat in our hands. Gelderland has blessed us with a succesful harvest. Our gathered material has been processed and shall forever be in our next release…

Loenen, Gelderland

Hard labour continues after the gathering of our ingredients. This old paper mill is operating since 1622 and is fundamental to our release.