Fistula is the kind of band I’d like to play in after snorting bath salts. It’s a degenerate, filthy, dirty, messy, plagued and outcasted group. They could have never lived a life of a navy suit yuppie and they’re the type of guys who just roll their eyeballs every time you come with some magical fix for the world’s problems, based on top-tier politico rhetoric you learned in college. Oblivious to the most obvious fact of all: us. Fucking humans. A rotten species that Nature is trying to get rid off with AIDS, Zika, you name it, but we just keep inventing doctors and prescriptions. We need a meteor. Or one of those sci-fi infections that just putrifies your limbs in five minutes. I’m longing for it. Fistula are longing for it. Listen to a track from their new album, out on July 15th on PATAC. And next time you come with that perfect fix for the human kind, try to take remove yourself first from the equation. :)