When, a few years ago, I interviewed Mories about Gnaw Their Tongues in this site, I couldn’t help myself and asked about De Magia Veterum‘s status. He replied by asking whether or not I had heard “The Deification” and, upon hearing my happy confirmation that indeed, I had plunged myself into that chaotic storm and came out smiling on the other side, he said “It just can’t go any further without becoming pure chaos. It’s almost improvised and that is as far as I can take this”.

Thankfully, things change. With that in mind, listen below to a new De Magia Veterum song, “And As Thou Didst Offer Thy Blood Upon It, So Also Will I Offer My Blood Upon An Altar On The Earth”.

Yes, the title is easier to digest than the song itself, though it sounds considerably less abrasive than “The Deification”. It will be the second song of the fifth De Magia Veterum album, titled “Naked Swords Into The Wombs Of The Enemy” and set for release on February 2.