As I’ve said before, on the mother’s side, my family is from Bremen. I know what is a bloodshed, even on a telepathic point of view, as two great uncles of mine got killed by the RAF in WWII. Can destruction and psychic debris be hereditary? I know they can, I have both in me, a cloak of carnage on my shoulders.

Bremen, the band, scream electro-calamity. They’re from Sweden, both Jonas Tiljander [Brainbombs] and Lanchy Orre [BrainbombsTotalitär], and maybe they represent what post-punk really means. The subsequent feeling, the after the bombs [killer band, by the way] vague phantom silence, limbs being ripped off by an atomic orgy of entropy, no one to tell you this story but a distant organ in the hands of a manic, depressive and moaning Red Cross nurse. They have a new album coming up thanks to Blackest Ever Black this December, some say this is the opening track: